Space Chasin’, The Starliners

This album recorded by the Starliners in 1967 started a tradition of recording to track the growth of the band.  The Starliners sold the recordings to support the band, buying charts, as well as transportation to and registration for jazz festivals. Album sales also helped pay for band equipment and the dinner jackets worn when playing paying gigs.


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Front cover (large)
Back cover (Word document)

Chart Title Audio File
Starliners Theme MP3
The Knack MP3
The Man I Love MP3
I May Be Wrong MP3
A Walk in the Black Forest MP3
Trombone Soliloquy MP3
Batman Theme MP3
South Rampart Street Parade MP3
Days of Wine and Roses MP3
Call Me MP3
I Remember You MP3
Tijuana Taxi MP3
I Left My Heart in San Francisco MP3
Sam’s Boogie MP3


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