From 1967 through 1977, Bowie (Md.) Senior High School sponsored an extracurricular jazz band called The Starliners.  The Starliners was a relatively standard big band, with 5 reeds, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, piano, bass, guitar, and drums.  Often the band was augmented with additional percussion, vibes, French horns, an extra trumpet, and vocalists.  At times, there were as many as 23 of us on stage.  The band leader during its entire existence was Lt. Col. Joseph G. Carley (USAF, retired).  He was paid a salary of $1 per year by the county Board of Education.

During its life, The Starliners produced four albums, Space Chasin’, In Stereo, 12 by 3, and Bowie Straight Ahead.  Sales of these albums, along with gigs 3-4 times per month, paid for the purchase of new charts, as well as for travel to jazz festivals and competitions.

As far as I know, digital versions of these albums have never before been available online.  Here are all four albums, with the album covers, computer readable text from the covers, and both uncompressed (coming soon!) and compressed audio from all the cuts.  “12 by 3” also includes PDF files of the score and parts.

Click through for each of the albums.

Space Chasin’ (1967)

In Stereo (1970)

12 by 3 (1971)

Bowie Straight Ahead (1974)


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